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Giving gifts is an integral part of our Indian culture, no matter where you are and where you belong. It’s our way to show case our Love, Care, Affection to our dear one’s. Now, this is not only limited to our friends and family, but rather it has extended to corporate levels or in our business as well. Our work partners play a key role in our life and people started realizing their value and wants to mend a relation with them. One must take the aspect of Corporate Gifting for employees in order to feel them important and to do justice to your relations as well.Always remember it is not the Gift but the thought that Counts.


From being your door to door gifting service and harboring gifting culture in India, have your happiness partner for many years. Corporate Gifting is not only just a means to impress your corporate partners, but it is a way in which you can influence your prospects to lean towards you. Gifting is a way to mend healthy and fruitful relations.

Keeping the above in mind we try to bring justice to all your corporate gifting service needs. We bring the flavor of sweetness with a wide range of our delectable cakes like Butterscotch, Red Velvet, Fondant, Chocolate Cakes waiting to be part of your every celebration, promotion and success. We accompany our gorgeous cakes with beautiful gift hampers, amazing gifts and stunning flower bouquets.

Not only this, we provide the best online corporate cake delivery service within 2-3 hours. Our delivery service saves your hustle and time. We deliver your order to your desired address across Nation.If you have your business in Delhi and your clients are in Kolkata, we deliver you gifts for you. Gifting not only leave an everlasting impression but it also makes you unforgettable and Gifting with a brand like creates a lasting imprint. Gifting is special do it with a portal who makes it extra special.