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  • Flavours of Black Forest Cake
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    What’s life without a black forest cake? Life is plain, simple, and not delicious. This might sound a little exaggerated, but believe me if you ask an ardent black forest cake lover, he/she wouldn’t deny it. We, black forest lovers (yes, we have our own cult!), have a special bond with it. And this is one reason we always go for black forest cakes irrespective of how many options we have when it comes to cakes. So I would like to invite you to be a part of this fraternity and join this cult...

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    There is something so exuberant about baking for family and friends.  Customary recipes, passed down from one generation to the next, baked for the people we love most.  Today’s we are going to start with a classic crumb cake recipe, it's a very old and yet classic recipe, and then takes a turn down extra-delicious lane when we give it a special touch by adding chunks of fresh apple, the warmth of cinnamon and a double crumb topping.  Yes, you got it right.  Double crumb...

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    Today we are going to make something special and different. We are going to make a breakfast which will lift your mood. Pancakes and waffles would do the trick anytime at our house and you children will love it. I tried to use healthy ingredients for example- whole wheat pastry flour for the fibre content, some Chia seeds for omega 3 fatty acids and protein, more of banana and less sugar. For more such baking ideas visit

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  • Gateaux Cake
    Gateaux Cake
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    Are you a cafe person? I mean whose favourite place to hangout is a cafe redolent with freshlybaked buns and brewed coffee. Most cafe lovers like to sit at a table with a book and sipcoffee. More often than not, their coffee is accompanied by a piece of cake or a lovely cup cake.For bookworms, this is a common ritual. If you are one, you would totally relate to this.Let me come to the point. Do you always order the same cake? Or the baker at cafe is toofamiliar with you to offer you the same...

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  • Vegan Cherry Cake
    Vegan Cherry Cake
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    Is there anything more Christmassy than the sweet smell of toasted almonds and cherries wafting through the house? It’s an aroma that transports me to my happy place

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  • Gluten Free Christmas Cake at ONLINECAKE.IN
    Gluten Free Christmas Cake at ONLINECAKE.IN
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    Christmas is around the corner and it's mandatory to have a perfect Christmas Cake. We have shared some recipes like rum cake with you and this we also come up with a heavenly Christmas cake for you. We want you to have options to choose from or you can make both I mean who doesn't want more cake. If you don't have time for baking just order it from . We have endless option for you and if you want to send some present out there to your loved ones we have it right there. Just tap...

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  • kiwi cake recipe by
    kiwi cake recipe by
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    Every day is a day for whole lot of possibilities and new things. We face something and always come up with new and extra ordinary things in our life. So is the case in baking world. Today we are going to talk about an extra- ordinary and whole new cake "The Kiwi Cake". Yes, you heard it right folks today I am going to share the recipe of the Kiwi cake. This cake has an brand new flavour and mesmerising taste and lastly who doesn't love a cake with your favourites fruits on it. I mean it's...

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    Today we are going to learn how to make a healthy breakfast as quickly as possible. So I have decided to come up with this, veggie vegan stew which have loads of veggies and greens making it super healthy and filling too. You can also use seasonal vegetables, different blends of spices to make it interesting each and every time. If you want to give it a Indian flavour Curry powder, garam massala, and cilantro is another option. For more such recipes visit

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    Birch Log Cake! Learn how to make this wintry, birch cake that looks just like a natural birch branch with a simple step-by-step tutorial by our contributors, Mary and Brenda Maher of Cake girls.

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  • Cake delivery in Delhi NCR
    Cake delivery in Delhi NCR
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    Are you tired with the regular boring flavours of cake and wants to try some interesting flavours. The baking world is always up to experimenting and trying out new flavours when it comes to cakes. Here are some interesting and brand new flavours to go for, try them and share your experience with You can also order them from just search for online cake delivery in Delhi or Noida.

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  • Wedding Season Special Cake |
    Wedding Season Special Cake |
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    Wedding season is on their way, so it becomes very important to have a celebration. This time celebrate your happiness with Order a Cake and get a home delivery in Noida Or Delhi.

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  • Get Cake & Gift For Your Loved One |
    Get Cake & Gift For Your Loved One |
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    Finding gifts a trouble? Well, It’s has been for me. The worst part is I make a mental note every time to find a good gift for my loved ones, but I always end up buying the good old pair cake & flower as a present, irrespective of the occasion. This gift is literally my saviour on almost every Occasion . Firstly, there’s so little time we have, and choosing a cake and flower combo is done within some minutes.

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  • Online Cake Delivery Shop & Solution at ONLINECAKE.IN
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    Onlinecake.inis new and rapidly growing name in the baking world. It is because of the quality and our amazing services. Here some reasons that you order from us-

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    Celebrating Anniversaries in a grand and lavish style become the new trend in India. Unlike few years ago people are more up to this tradition and expressing and celebrating their love for each other. With this there has been a boom in the baking industry because as we say every celebration is incomplete without a Cake. Anniversaries also means gifts, flowers and more gifts and more flowers. To make things simpler for you comes up with bunch of options to choose from just tap to...

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    Weddings are around the corner and its calls for grand celebration and excitement. Weddings are celebrated madly and crazily in India. After Festivals, weddings makes us excited and what's a wedding without a wedding cake. Weddings and cakes are synonyms of each other. Maybe it's your cousin’s wedding or your friend's wedding we have come up with some great ideas you can go for their wedding. If you want to plan a Surprise this is the best option. Let's have look at some ideas this wedding...

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  • Our New Varieties of Cake In Lucknow at ONLINECAKE.IN
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    Uttar Pradesh is a state in India. Its city of Agra is home to the iconic Taj Mahal monument, a colossal, domed, white-marble mausoleum honouring the wife of 17th-century Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Nearby is the Agra Fort, a fortified palace dating to the 16th and 17th centuries. Capital Lucknow has Muslim memorial shrines Bara Imambara and calligraphy-adorned Chota Imambara.

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    Chocolate is everyone's favorite and obviously it is mine too. Like every other person I am a chocolate lover too. Not only youth but kids are crazy when it comes to Chocolate cake. This time I have come up with a new and interestingly tasteful twist with the chocolate cake recipe. This time we are going to bake a chocolate ganache cake. If you want to try it you can visit our website and order it from there. We provide Online cake delivery anywhere in India.

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    Baking is something I admire whole of my life. It remind me of the times when I was a little girl and my mother used to bake different varieties of Cakes during holidays and birthdays.

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    Chocolate Truffle cake and Red roses: If you are a chocolate lover you can’t miss this cake. Once you are going to try it, it will become your favorite for the rest of the life. The dark truffle chocolate would melt in your mouth and leave an aftertaste that will remain for hours. Red roses symbolizes unconditional love. You can combine this black forest cake with a bouquet of red roses. Cake in Noida & Delhi, Online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by We provide a...

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    Cakes and weddings are almost synonymous. In fact if one does a survey then I wouldn’t be surprised to find that cakes are the most popular food in the whole planet. Take any event you would notice that there is a relevance of cake, but when it comes to weddings and anniversaries they acquire special significance. Cakes are sweet, soft and so pleasant to see and feel- basically everything that weddings and anniversaries stand for.

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